God's Own Junkyard

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Lovers of neon and retro rejoice cause I've got the perfect place for you to explore in London...

Welcome to God's Own Junkyard, a warehouse on the outskirts of London that holds a collection of funky fluorescent signs.

The best way to describe it is unique and otherworldly.

The salvage yard is located within what I'd call the "suburbs", when you come out of the tube station you find yourself in an area with loads of little homes, no flashy sky scrapers or huge London crowds here.
I honestly first thought we were in the wrong place as I couldn't imagine how such an eccentric place would be located in the middle of nowhere. However following Google Maps and the shining lights we found what we were looking for.

When you enter the warehouse you're instantly mesmerised by the neon that surrounds you, wherever you look you'll see a dozen different signs flashing your way.

Can you spot the communist symbol in the following picture?

This place came about thanks to Chris Bracey, a neon artist whose works are shown all around: from his signs for Soho's sex clubs used in the 60s, to movie props, circus lighting and of course salvaged vintage signs. His works have been in loads of movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even Batman.

 We spent two hours in there taking pictures of the art but also of ourselves, after all we were both looking for a new profile picture..

There's also a café/bar aptly named The Rolling Scones inside the warehouse, perfect for some tea and cake or even a couple of drinks.

Wherever you look you'll find something cool and weird.

Gods' Own Junkyard is definitely a must visit if you're into things that are a little different from the norm.
It actually takes only around half an hour from Liverpool Street Station. You can find more info about it including its exact location over here

So next time you find yourself wondering what's something out of the ordinary to do in London (especially when it rains) then check this place out!

Oh and did I mention its free?