Strawberry Fields, Finland

20:59 Melissa G 0 Comments

When I think of Finland in the summer I imagine green forests, peaceful lakes, flower fields and light summer rain, but mostly I think of strawberries.

Nothing can beat delicious sweet and plump summer strawberries, especially served with a scoop of ice cream. They taint your fingers pink and every bite makes you crave for more, until you reach a sugar high and down a glass of water. 
I myself always end up eating way too many, but hey, if I don’t then who will?

To find the best strawberries in Riihimaki I took a short trip to Aallon Marjatila, a berries farm where you get to handpick you own fruits or simply buy some from their store.
(They don't have their own website but they are open from 9am to 7pm)

You’re greeted to the farm by a couple of furry friends.

One of them quickly showed that he’s actually the one in charge of this entire operation.

You can then head on to the fields to make your selection.

Don’t make the same mistake I did; wear shoes you won’t mind being covered in mud and getting dirty in, wearing my brand new white Converse was not my best decision of the day.

The bushes are heavy with ripe strawberries just waiting for you to pick them, or eat them right there and then. After all their rule is that each person is allowed to eat 2kg of strawberries for free, so just go ahead!

If you’re not one to get down and dirty you can always head to their store. In there you can find peas, potatoes, raspberries, honey and all sorts of jams, juices and of course: strawberries.

Finally you can end your visit at their café, with a refreshing glass of juice.

Or you could always head to Ryttyla for a dip in the river and some grilled sausages, as the summer sun refuses to set down.