Flow Festival 2016

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It might be January but most festivals are currently releasing their set lists and getting us all excited about the summer to come. So let me tell you guys a little bit about one of my favourite festivals.

Flow Festival is tiny but mighty (well, tiny for international standards), it attracts over 60,000 music fans every year and is located right in the city of Helsinki, in an old power station.

Flow is probably my favourite event of the summer, and definitely my favourite thing to do in Finland. So let me tell you a little bit about it from what I remember of Summer 2016.

When we got to the site the first thing we did was run to the Black Tent where grime artist Stormzy was performing

The best part of Flow is that it does not focus on a singular music style, you'll get your fair share of small up and coming indie acts, local rappers and singers, and even musical giants like Iggy Pop, Kendrick Lamar, Florence and the Machine and many more.

You know whatever set list they come up with will be fantastic.

We got to see FKA Twigs, Chvrches, Sia, M83, Massive Attack, The Last Shadow Puppets and so many more.

 They have three large stages and a multitude of smaller ones for more private gigs, guaranteeing there will always be something to watch and dance along to.

Not only is the music great but the food selection is on another level. It honestly rivals some of the best food markets I have ever gone to.
Every year a bunch of popular and eccentric restaurants set up their tent at the festival, serving you with so many types of street food that it gets overwhelming.
Good thing we had three days to spend at the festival, and I made sure to try out almost every single stall available.

There are three main food areas, this shows only one tiny portion of what's available!

From traditional Thai dishes to modern versions of Japanese rice bowls passing by vegan ice cream. Flow has something for everyone.

I honestly can't decide whether the music or the food is my favourite part of Flow.

The festival site itself is extraordinary. Forget the muds of Glastonbury or sands of Burning Man, Flow Festival gives you a cool industrial space.

Also I'd like to comment on how CLEAN the entire area is, only the Finnish could achieve this level of cleanliness at a festival.

The site is decorated differently every year, you'll find new graffiti commemorating the artists that are performing as well as all other types of art.

Even when the sun goes down Flow keeps its charm.

I had a fantastic time at Flow Festival 2016 and cannot wait for the next one, I'll definitely buy myself another three day long pass.

You can get all the information about this year's Flow by clicking on the link here, you'll find everything from set lists to restaurants available.

Thank you Flow, see ya this summer!