The Old Glass Factory, Finland

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The first days in Finland are always hectic.
There’s always something that needs to be done; this time it was searching for new wallpaper, replacing broken sim cards, getting bikes fixed, selecting frames for my new art, and as always: a massive trip to the supermarket.

Filling the house with lovely berries and fresh goods this country has to offer just might be one of my favorite activities. Nothing really compares to Finnish summer strawberries.

However I managed to discover a great new place; if you happen to be in Riihimaki please go visit the Old Glass Factory.

At the factory I visited an art show entitled “Illusio” where different types of art were being showcased. There were sculptures, short films and even clothes made out of paper designed by my dear friend Justus K. Illusio ends on the 30th of August and I highly suggest visiting it.

Unfortunately I was unable to take any good pictures as it was so dark that we were given flashlights!

The best part of the old glass factory has to be the YellowCafé; a tiny place painted (as you guessed it) yellow. It serves the best macaroons of Riihimaki and has a great selection of vintage inspired sodas.

Being Finland it was raining most of the day, just imagine how gorgeous it would have been if the sun was out

It also houses Lasismi; a store that sells glass made objects created in a room right next to the café. You can book or try your luck by dropping in to watch the experienced glass makers create designer products while enjoying a warm cuppa.

I personally fell in love with a water jug that had dents made especially to fit perfectly in your palm.

The old factory also has something I've never seen before; a studio where you can go sew or learn to sew for free. This place is ideal for those of us that need to fix up a single item of clothing without wanting to buy all the necessary items (or like me have no idea how to even attach a button)

After a day of running errands and discovering the crooks and corners of the Old Glass Factory we ended our day at my aunt’s house where we enjoyed cake, cats and being surrounded by all things green.