Beach Day in Enfeh, Lebanon

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Waking up at 8am on a Sunday morning is definitely not something I enjoy, but when clear waters and sunshine are promised, then you can definitely count me in. 

Enfeh is a village in the north of Lebanon, just 15km away from Tripoli, or 65km from Beirut.

Driving to Enfeh reminds you of how small Lebanon truly is, but also how diverse; highly populated and urban cities, small mountain villages, industrial ports, sandy beaches, and forests all pass by as you make your way to this little paradise.

We arrived to Layal's chalet and quickly got down to business, after all a day by the sea can't possibly be spent without rosé.

As expected the "it's 5 o'clock somewhere!" joke was made as the other half of the group settled for coffee.

Wine accompanied by little treats to keep us going: mini manakish, pizzas and spinach fatayer.

Energised after our "brunch" we made our way to the beach, but not before protecting our feet.

Its important to note that Enfeh has rocky beaches, many underwater caves and natural pools on its shore, which is why those swimming shoes are a must if you want to explore and swim around comfortably.

Enfeh is renown for having the clearest and maybe cleanest waters in Lebanon, perfect for diving.
Feeling hot from the sunshine we were all ready for a dip.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that these are really the clearest waters I've ever seen in my 14 years living in Lebanon.

After swimming around it was time to get dry and catch some rays, after all a golden tan is proof of a day well spent. And when you have a view like this, you definitely want to lay there and just enjoy it.

Well honestly there wasn't much laying around, but more goofing around.

With polaroids as physical proof.

Lunch time rolled in and we all settled around the table for typical Lebanese dishes; fatoush a salad with pomegranate molasses, grilled chicken and kafta, shrimp, french fries, fish and of course hummus.

Lunch with a view of the gloriously blue Mediterranean.

Full and satisfied from our meal it got a little quiet, however, after a short nap under the sun while the others played cards it was time to jump right back into the water.

How beautiful is the water though?

If you're more into getting your adrenaline pumped you can always rent a jet ski or even go water skiing.

We all got called back in when someone yelled two words that, when combined, I get a little too excited : "ICE CREAM!"

Enfeh is more than a simple fishing village or beach spot, its so old that it has been mentioned in ancient Egyptian tablets.

Under the Phoenicians it was not only a strategic point on the Mediterranean but also a shipyard where large vessels were docked and constructed, or paddle boards in our case!

During the crusades, Enfeh was a fortress area, using the natural rocky coast as protection, apparently it got the reputation of the terror of those traveling between Tripoli and Jerusalem.

Its history may be rich but its natural beauty may be even richer.

I haven't seen turquoise waters at any other beaches that I usually frequent in Lebanon, it makes Enfeh even more special.

The small village was famous for its wine during the middle ages, today it is mainly known for its salt marshes. "White Gold", or salt, is a big part of the local economy. When walking along the bay we found many areas completely covered in thick layers of salt.

If you make your away along the coast very quietly you may even spot a couple of crabs walking around in the shallow waters.

I got a little too excited and screamed "Guys! There are crabs!" so all the small ones ran away to hide in the crevasses. 

We all gathered around the table when promises of fortune telling were made.

Everything suddenly got very intense as we all wanted to know what the cards had to say about our career, love life, family and health.

I was told that my career would provide me with great riches but the work itself would make me miserable or unsatisfied. I'll accept that.

The sun started setting and everything seemed to be going slower. The music got turned down and we could hear the soft lull of the waves softly hitting the rocky shores.

The rocks were turning orange and slightly pink with the new light of the sunset, making them look softer and less menacing.

Since the sun always sets to the west you can be assured that sunsets over the sea are a promise in Lebanon. And they are always gorgeous.

They fill the sky with soft pastels and turn the waters pink and orange.

Even the seagulls seem to slow down as they graciously glide over the multi coloured sky.

The pastels are suddenly replaces with stronger, deeper colours as the sun hides behind the water. Pinks become red and baby blues get darker and darker.

Spending the day by the sea in Lebanon wouldn't be complete without witnessing the sunset, its the perfect way to end a perfect day. Especially in Enfeh.