A Day in Kotka, Finland

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Kotka is a city that I do not know very well, I have been there a couple of times as a child but honestly do not remember much.
However I had the opportunity to go see it again as we were passing through when dropping my brother off at his summer camp.

We arrived in Kotka hungry and ready for lunch after driving for two hours. Grabbing my aunt, a Kotka resident, we went off to the Keisarinsatama restaurant, apparently one of the most popular eateries in the city.

The scenery surrounding the restaurant is gorgeous; it is located by the water where the river meets the sea. You can sit on the terrace and enjoy the views of passing boats and the traditional houses on the opposite side of the water.

The restaurant is located in an impressive building; an old red bricked brewery built in 1895, it is today Kotka’s second oldest building.

The produce used was extremely fresh, with some dishes changing depending on what the fishers have brought in on that particular day. The food is in itself traditional but has been given a light modern twist in both presentation and taste.

I started off with a salmon tartar with homemade rye bread and cream. Other starters included the traditional salmon soup and provolone cheese with prosciutto and marinated red onions.

I followed with pike-perch fish in a truffle basil sauce, which was a tad bit too salty but otherwise great.

While others took a lightly smoked salmon file with a mushroom sauce, or fried vendace with a mash.

All dishes seemed to please everyone, so if you find yourself in Kotka and enjoy fish then I do suggest this restaurant.

We then went on to the Katariina Seaside Park, a recently built green space, which is fantastic for an afternoon walk.

The area where the park is based has seen many naval battles throughout the 1700s including the largest battle ever fought in Nothern Europe where the Swedes sunk almost half of Catherine the Great’s fleet, quite a disaster for Russia. Before becoming a park the area was an oil port until 2002.

Today the park can be enjoyed for its cliffs and seascapes, picnics on granite tables or just for enjoying its greenery. It is a gorgeous park and hides many secrets such as a meditation labyrinth or lighthouse statues.

Just imagine taking a nap under that tree

After walking around for a while I fancied something sweet, so we all climbed back into the car and headed to a café by the harbour where I indulged into a traditional cinnamon bun, nothing more Finnish than that!